1.Surface hardening of aluminum alloy

Fe or Fe-Cr (2 - 30%) alloy is plated on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy. Furthermore, it is treated by multi-nite(gas sulphonitriding) processing. The surface is hardened by multi-nite processing and the hardness becomes about Hv1100 such as stainless steel by nitriding. The intermetallic compound is formed in the interface of the raw material and the plating layer, and joining power improves remarkably. A tortoise shell-like crack is formed in the surface, which is storage and passage of oil.


(1) Improvement in friction, attrition resistance and wear resistance.
(2) Rigidity improvement


Brake drum of motorcycle, Spool, Piston, Dies

4.Cross-sectional structure and surface-quality

1.Cross-sectional structure 2.Surface tortoise shell-like crack

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