Our company was founded in the field of heat treatment and surface improvement technology in March, 1985 aiming at research and development company which can send to the world. In order to achieve the success of research and development, it keeps in mind to concentrate a large talented person and large technology in and outside the company, and has resulted by the end of today.

Operating item
Gas atmosphere furnace uninhabited run system,
Direct carburizing furnace,
Multiple-purpose gas sulfide-nitriding furnace,
Multiple-purpose gas nitriding furnace,
Vacuum gas carbo-nitriding furnace,
Shot peening equipment,,
Atmosphere oxidization processing furnace,
Vacuum washing equipment,
Heat treatment equipment and consulting,
Various heat treatment,
Reconstruction of various heat treatment equipment, repair, and after-sale service
Sales of consumption and spare parts for heat treatment equipment

Our company always stands on the large view of "not one-sided, not stickle and not be caughted" We contribute to social development, aim at only-one company and continue an infinite advance, using heat treatment and surface improvement technology.

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