1. Direct Carburizing (Vacuum Carburizing)

Direct carburizing is the method of the completely new concept, which was made to unite vacuum technology with gas carburizing. It is eco-friendly, is high quality and, moreover, reduces operating costs by half. This technology is the epoch-making method of carburizing by making vacuum (low pressure) as career gas and using of the unsaturated hydrocarbon gas very little as carburizing gas.

2. Feature

(1) There is no oxidization of grain boundary (no oxidization of surface alloy element)
(2) Carburizing of a narrow hole is possible
(3) High concentration carburizing is possible.
(4) Very thin carburizing (30-50 micrometers) is possible.
(5) Decompression quenching is possible.
(6) Finish surface condition is good.
(7) Non-soot (non-deposit of soot).
(8) Non-discharge CO2.
(9) Installation into factory of machining is possible
(10) Uninhabited run is possible.

3. Usage

Auto parts (gear, shaft, etc.), Motorbike parts, Construction machine part, Knitting machine parts, OA apparatus parts, household-electric-appliances parts, etc.

4. A cross-sectional structure

cross-sectional structure of Gus Carburizing
cross-sectional structure of Direct Carburizing

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