Epoch-making surface modification technology

Multinite process is the gas sulphonitriding and iron sulfide and iron nitride are made to form in the surface of all the steel material from cast iron to stainless steel.
It is surface modification, which has the excellent effect of wear, low friction and attrition resistance in lubricous or non-lubricous condition.

2 room - Gas Cooling - IN-OUT
2 room - Oil Cooling - IN-OUT
3 room - Gas Cooling - IN-OUT
3 room - Gas Cooling - Straight thru
3 room - Oil Cooling - Straight thru

*Choice of electro-heating or gas-heating are offered.
  Section structure of surface

Pad Resin
Iron sulfide carbon(FeS, Fe1 - xS)
Nitrogenous substance layer(Fe2-3N, Fe4N)
Nitrogen spread hardening layer
Material SCr420
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