1.Multi-nite process (Sulphonitriding method)

Sulphonitriding method is the compound processing, which makes nitride and sulfide on the surface of steel. Especially multi-nite process(gas sulphonitriding method) can control nitrogen concentration and sulfur concentration separately and free. As compared with the salt bath method or the plasma method, it is excellent in quality, cost, and mass-production. And nitriding of the material which cannot be treated in gas nitriding is also possible.


(1) Improvement in attrition resistance, low friction
Sulfiding layer(FeS, Fe1-xS) formed in the surface achieves the duty of solid lubricous material.
(2) Improvement in wear resistance
The hard nitriding layer which is a ground has wear resistance.
(3) Fatigue-resistant improvement
High compression stress remains in the diffusion hardening layer of nitrogen, and fatigue strength is raised.
(4) Improvement in pitching-proof nature. Gear noise prevention. Improvement in mold-release characteristic.


Shim. Thrust washer. Timing gear of engine. Ball of ball-pen. Engine valve. Shaft made from SUS. Forging die. Casting die.

4.A cross-sectional structure and the examination result of attrition test.

SCM415 carburizing
photo.1 Section of Multi-nite fig.1 Attrition examination comparison table of various surface improvement

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