1.N-Quench (Nitriding and Quenching)

Nitriding and quenching is the method of making nitrogen diffusion and solid solution in the austenite zone of the Fe-N phase transformation diagram, after that it is quenched for transforming to high hard martensite obtained nitrogen. In the nitriding and quenching, the nitrogen-diffusing zone becomes nitrogen martensite, which is high hardness by quenching. However, the inside does not harden because it is quenched from below the transformation temperature of the Fe-C diagram.

2. Feature

(1) Heat treatment distortion (measurement change) is the same grade as gas nitriding.
(2) Low carbon steel also reaches Hv 800 or more hardness.
(3) The gas to consume is very few amounts, It is about 1/10 as compared with gas nitriding.

Treatment time is short and 20-micrometer hardening layer is obtained by treating for 40 minutes. (Incidentally it is required at gas nitriding for 2 to 3 hours to obtain 20-micrometer hardening layer.)

(5) The surface condition after treating is good.
(6) It is eco-friendly processing.
(7) Operating costs decrease.

3. Usage

Clutch plate, Spool, Bearing holder, Thrust washer, Knitting machine parts, Various fine blanking parts

4. Cross-sectional Structure and Hardness Profile Curve

Section of N-Quench (X 625)

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