1.Super Multi-Nite Process (Gas nitrocarburizing method)

It is the improved method of multi-nite(gas sulphonitriding) called nitrocarburizing. The carbon layer excellent in lubricity is on the surface of a hard nitriding layer. It is black and is mainly the ingredient of graphite.


(1) Low friction coefficient
Friction coefficients () are about 0.2 and very small value on dry test conditions. On the other hand, the friction coefficient of gas nitriding in the same conditions is about 0.7.
(2) Improvement in friction and wear.
(3) Low friction and attrition resistance
(4) Improvement of corrosion resistance
Compared with gas nitriding, corrosion resistance improves remarkably and becomes more than equivalent with Oxy-Coat (nitriding and oxidizing film compound processing).


Friction parts which become insufficient in nitriding and superfluous quality coating, such as DLC.

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