1.Very shallow carcurizing by direct carburizing metho
   (acetylene pulse adsorption carburizing)

Very shallow carburizing and carbonitriding are possible, it is few tens micron meters similar to nitriding by the direct carburizing, wich is repeated vacuum exhausting and pulse flowing of acetylene.


(1) Compared with the conventional carburizing, heat treatment distortion is 1/10 by the very shallow carburizing.
(2) Processing time is halved compared with carbonitriding (L-TEC) of middle temperature.
(3) By very shallow carburizing, wich is few micrometers depth and oil quenching of alloy tool steel (SKD61, SKD11, etc.), the wear resistance and the toughness can be raised.
(4) It can carburizing with sufficient accuracy also to stainless steel.


Clutch plate, Sewing machine parts, Printer parts, Rolling die, etc.

4.Cross-sectional structure

1. Cross-section of SKD61 material (X 625) 2. Cross-section of SKD11 material (X 625)

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