1.Very shallow nitriding by the gas method

Very low concentration nitriding without the compound layer by the gas nitriding method


(1) Since it is nitrided without making a compound layer (white layer) form in the surface, the surface does not become rough.
(2) Since there is no compound layer (white layer), tipping resistance improves.
(3) Since there is similarly no compound layer (white layer), heat check resistance improves.
(4) It is effective in ground processing of dry coating.
(5) It is small distortion nitriding.
(6) Weldability is good.
(7) The finish skin is good.
(8) Re-nitriding processing is possible.


Precise die, Tools, Ejector pin, Punch. etc.

4.Cross-sectional structure and hardness plofile curve

1. Cross-sectional structure of SKH51 2. hardness plofile curve of SKH51

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